Joshua L. Comer

Social Media Researcher and Educator

  • I'm going to follow the tradition of serving food at my dissertation defense, but it's going to be just one big bowl of pudding.

  • Our graduate forum topics reflect a student body that is alone, eating poorly, and barely keeping it together. Pretty accurate. #PhDtoDeath

  • @ericnewsom If you're dating or related to someone at your admitting hospital your diagnosis is pregnant (25%), dying (70%), or both (5%).

  • @ericnewsom The likelihood that a surgeon will have to sacrifice one patient to save another is 1 out of every 5 admitted cases.

  • @abdophoto To inflate costs of consumer finance by replacing simple tools with technologies that break often and need electricity to work?

  • @glennf That's how Schumpeter modeled technological improvement in monopolies.

  • @frankcifaldi #gameragate

  • @thequinnspiracy Because what you do with games does not stop at "games."

  • @bombsfall The Renaissance merchant look on the right has yet to catch on as street wear.

  • @youthandwork Unfortunately the posting was removed before I had the chance to discover anything.