Joshua L. Comer

Media Educator and Researcher

  • @10rdben I'm going to make a bot that duplicates all sincere responses to this question but they'll all start with "Heh."

  • @rowankaiser @jennatar @wly_cdgr Not -a- fandom for a particular show, but an identity based on investing in these products, writers, etc.

  • @rowankaiser @jennatar @wly_cdgr I think that goes to TV being made to grow fandoms that wouldn't be nurtured if we saw production processes

  • @wly_cdgr @rowankaiser @jennatar The audience for investigative journalism there assumes non-viewers, let alone fans invested in a title.

  • @wly_cdgr @rowankaiser @jennatar Right. Wrongdoing in television that gets investigated tends to be life- or corporation-threatening.